Myler's Super Cool Radiator-ATV & UTV


Myler's Super Cool Radiator-ATV & UTV


 Considerably improved from stock radiators:
•SuperCool radiators offer superior cooling and efficiency to sustain top performance.
•Thicker core to maximize water cooling while providing increased strength.
•SuperCool Radiators are tig welded and made with quality aluminum to be far stronger than stock units.
•All cap side radiators feature a billet neck and radiator cap.
•Comes with Rubber Grommets, Washers, and Nut Clips.
•Uses all stock mounting brackets.
•Has a "Fused Core".
•Comes with a One Year warranty against Manufacturing defects.
•Not the same as E-bay radiators.
•Welded and fitted by Myler's Radiators.

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